How to Choose a Car Service

Wichita is a city that is constantly moving, expanding and growing. For many of us, it means looking through local history, culture, art, cuisine, and interesting locals. You can even go to a public park, shop, or any other great place to go.

For other, Wichita is a business stop for a trip, where you will attending meeting, seminars, and business dinners.

Wichita can also be a great place to host a special event – whether it is personal party of some sort of business celebration, there are venues to choose from.

One thing you may not have considered when planning any of these events is the need for transportation. If you are having difficulties narrowing down a car service, here are some great tips:

Assess The Company’s Fleet

To do this, you must be aware of your group’s size, expectations, and amount of luggage. If your company is expecting luxury, make sure you delivery luxury. If you have a ton of people, make sure you go with the car service that offers buses or has a larger fleet.

When it comes to baggage, having enough cargo space is key for the comfort of the entire group. You don’t want to have people sitting with their suitcases on their laps.  Remember that most companies would prefer luggage not go on seats.

Check the Company’s Insurance

Insurance should be a very large concern when using a car service for any type of event. If the company you selected doesn’t have the required amount of insurance on each and every vehicle, your group could be put into a bad situation if something, unfortunately, does go wrong during the time you are using the service. Do your research into the required insurance for each type of vehicle, know the numbers when you consult with various companies for their rates and information. If a group does not want to give you the information, immediately go to another service.

Check the Company’s Customer Service Standards

If you’re like us, customer service standards are a huge part of choosing the right company for a job; the customer service your group receives from their chauffeur will likely influence their overall opinion of the event itself.

Find a company that hired professional chauffeurs who are local experts on Wichita, have customer service experience, and are dedicated to upholding the standards. Don’t settle for a company that hires drivers who has no attachment to the company itself. Your group deserves the utmost in professionalism, efficiency and knowledge; they’re most likely to get these things with a company that is dedicated to hiring professional chauffeurs.

Problems and Solutions: Business Travelling

No matter what your business is, you will probably have to travel at some point. Whether that commute is on a plane, train, or car, you want it to be quick, easy, and painless. People travel for business in a variety of capacities – to meet suppliers, meet another company’s location, or for professional develop. It doesn’t matter if you are a new traveler or a seasoned professional, you will find that travelling for work will add a level or tension that is typically missing from a workday. In order to help you plan for your next business trip, we were at Tornado Transit have put together a selection of scenarios to help make your next trip seamless.

Scanario 1: You’ve overpacked quite a bit. When it comes time to go through TSA and other levels of security, you hold up the entire line, causing fellow travellers to be made at you at best. At worst, your items are stolen, damaged, or just lost.

What Should You Do: It seems simple: pack less. This can be quite complicated and isn’t always as easy as it should be. You will have have an easier time navigating the airport as well as have a calmer state of mind. The easiest way to fix this problem is to create a packing list that you have saved in your phone or computer. Over time, you will able to delete or add items as you grow and learn.

Scenario 2: You can’t sleep well in new places, and this business trip is extremely important. Your lack of sleep does not allow you be as fresh, happy, or intelligent as you typically are. Not only can it impact your performance, it can also severely hinder your health.

Solution: There are several proactive solutions you can take to help with this problem. You may want to research the hotels in the area in advance in order to ensure that they have good reviews on the rooms, beds, and soundproofing. Even though we just talked about packing light, you might want to add a pillowcase from home that smells like your laundry detergent. You can always bring noise-cancelling headphones and listen to relaxing music or even just use the headphones to block out noise.

Scenario 3: You are worried about your ride picking you up from the airport. It is a friend who is notoriously late and you need to make the plane in time.

Solution: Use a car service! Using a car service is a simple way to ensure that you will always be on time for any appointment, flight, or train. Tornado Transit is a great choice for the Wichita area, as you will never have to worry again about being late, or looking harried when you arrive. It will also help you save yourself (and your friends!) the strife of finding a ride or taking a shuttle bus in from the parking lot.